BookTrib's Bites: Four Captivating Autumn Reads


(NewsUSA) - Card SquadThe Card Squad by Jack Cole

A great read to help children understand about Alzheimer’s Disease, written by a New York Times award-winning high school student.

Ever feel like something suspicious is going on? Eleven-year-old Jake sure does. He just knows his cousins Max and Alexandra are trying to steal his grandfather Peter's rare baseball card collection. Now, Jake is on a topsy-turvy mission to prove it. The problem is that his grandfather has lost his memory to Alzheimer's and, unless his new drug trial somehow miraculously helps, it's not coming back.

So what's a boy to do, especially when his parents don't believe him? Turn to his lovably strange friends -- genius Brit, mischief maker Rowdy and computer whiz Noah -- to help solve this crime before it's too late. Some proceeds from this book will benefit the Alzheimer's Foundation of America. Purchase at

The Church of the Heavenly KissThe Church of the Heavenly KISS by Harry Harrigan

If religion makes you happy and gives your life a sense of purpose, please do not buy this book. Don’t even open the cover because what’s in here will probably just annoy the heck out of you.

If you are one of the many people who go to church mostly to please their parents, spouse or friends, and you think that you could do more with your life if you weren’t burdened by all the nonsensical rules and traditions of your religion, this book may be for you. Reading about the Church of the Heavenly KISS won’t take long, but it might be one of the best hours you’ve spent with your nose in a book.

“A lot of humor, history, memorable quotes and great advice for living your life to the fullest,” says this Amazon reviewer. Purchase at

A Thousand Flying ThingsA Thousand Flying Things by Kathryn Brown Ramsperger

An idealistic humanitarian worker with a decade of field experience arrives in 1991 Southern Sudan hoping to save the world, but will the love of a child and the return of a love from the past end up saving and healing her instead?

Qasim, charming and cosmopolitan, trying to save his homeland, Lebanon.

Dianna, brilliant and beautiful, trying to save children in Southern Sudan.

The two old flames bump into one another in Nairobi and fall in love again. But they must choose between their work and their love. Can Dianna trust Qasim?

In the face of cultural barriers, their commitment to family and career, and ongoing war, can they find the strength to stand up for both love and a lasting peace? Culture shaped them. Love transformed them. Will a child unite them? Purchase at

Madame of Music RowMadame of Music Row by Gina Jones

Based on true events, a heartfelt and gripping journey through the incredible life of musician Gina Jones. From her earliest days as a child entertainer to her rise as a singer-songwriter in the vibrant heart of Nashville, Gina's story is a rollercoaster ride of both triumph and tribulation. Beneath the glittering facade of the entertainment world lies a hidden struggle with drug addiction and the kind of hardship that's hard to fathom.

 For those in search of a story that celebrates triumph over adversity, that reaffirms the indomitable strength of the human spirit, and that showcases the ultimate potential for redemption, this book is a must-read. Join Gina on her incredible voyage from disgrace to becoming a woman defined by love, compassion, grace, and wisdom. Her story is a testament to the enduring power of the human heart. Purchase at